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Artistic Management & Development

Music  Studio,  Production & Distribution

Video clipping, Live Streaming & Web TV

Social Media Management

We are a South African registered company that does a comprehensive artists agency management & development, studio recording, production & distribution,  video clipping,  live streaming, Web TV and social media management for launching their national and international careers. 

Artistic Management,  Development, Music Studio & Distribution
Video Clipping, Live Streaming & Web TV
Social Media Management

Artistic Development

We are art lovers, namely music, dance and experts in corporate management’s art careers, music studios, photography, video clipping, live streaming and online broadcasting channels we also offer  our selected artists comprehensive services to help the development of their careers not only locally but internationally as well.


We came up with ideas to differentiate from the market, to offer an integrated solution for music and dance artists that is needed for their performances and events. This in turn will assist then in developing and managing their careers.


We can design and manage their professional contracts, record and promote their music and dance, assist them to live stream their performances with a pay per use platform and use our online live broadcast customized channels as a tool to help them to share their art and bio with their public worldwide.

We are also open to professional contracts designing and managing the developing careers of other arts and artists.



If you are doing shows consistently, creating and marketing your music, management may be your best bet. Since you already have the building blocks to push your business forward, consider expanding your team with a manager or label.


Managers should unconditionally love your music the same way you do, and if both parties have the same passion, marketing and decision making will be easy. Additionally, there are many types of managers out there. Do the research on what kind of managers you need, and what best suits you. A touring group for example, may want to hire a general manager, and a touring manager. Each position would handle different aspects of the group and its goals. Labels and we at MMCS on the other hand, offer much more than just management (and usually provide management in the contract), giving the artist label support in the areas of production, marketing, distribution, and sales. Each management group or record label has its own process, so make sure you know what you’re getting before you sign.



If you aren’t at the point where your music is turning a profit, it may pay off to go into Artist Development. Not only are you working with a manager every step of the way, you also can create with producers that are who can help you in writing and recording your music. Additionally, during the development process you learn industry practices and songwriter ethics that can FastTrack your way to stardom. Even playing shows at a local level can be profitable, however, it’s how you market your act that determines how successful it will be. The drawback with development is the cost. Truthfully, it may be either more or less expensive depending on what you choose to go with, however, compared to college education this can dramatically assist in forming a team, making the right decisions, and experience. For example, say you graduate from a college with a B.A. in Performing Arts. You now have a degree, the knowledge to run your own business, but where do you start? Typically, in development, some things you learn include performance, song writing, marketing, and even brand awareness.




Depending on where you are in your music career, think about where you want to go and plan how you will get there. Hiring a manager can be super effective in opening doors for your act, but are you ready to start performing at shows? Could you sound better on stage or in the studio? Are you making money with on your music? There are many things to consider. We’d love to answer your questions.



Having studied the market we got to the conclusion that whatever is the excellence of the artists ‘performances and music, the promotion of their work is somehow not consistent and integrated so that they can achieve their national and international success. We are offering an integrated solution.


So, we develop and deliver publicity for artists to advance their careers, namely with photography, video clipping, live streaming events, online broadcasting of artists interviews and bio through our web TV channels and interaction online of artists with. We also promote our artists with digital marketing tools.

Social Media management


We develop and manage our artists social media networks including the importance of interaction between their fans and the public at large. We also develop online fans clubs

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